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What is TPMS?

TPMS is a tyre pressure monitoring system which warns you when at least one of your tyres is under- inflated. A sensor valve fitted to each wheel alerts low tyre pressures, changes in temperature and imbalances to the driver via a dashboard symbol. This allows any problems to be addressed straight away, which could help prevent unsafe driving conditions.

Why should I get TPMS?

Newer car vehicles have TPMS fitted as standard but if your vehicle doesn’t have TPMS, here’s why you will benefit from it:

Improved safety – By constantly monitors pressure, helping to avoid potential blow outs or accidents linked to a change in tyre pressure.

Save money – Incorrectly inflated tyres causes uneven tyre wear and tyres need to be replaced sooner than normal.

Fuel efficiency – Under inflated tyres mean more tread is hitting the ground, meaning more fuel is required to drive the car forward.

Our expert TPMS services can quickly service, fix and fit TPMS systems for your vehicle.

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