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About Continental Tyres

Whether its 4×4’s, luxury salons or the more sporty cars, choosing Continental tyres means choosing one of the largest tyre manufacturers worldwide with a huge reputation for being industry-leading.

Going back over a hundred years of heritage, Continental have made large leaps in the industry since creating the first tread pattern tyre. 

In modern times, Continental are established great relationships with some of the biggest known car manufacturers in the world and provide tyres for the likes of Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Land-Rover, Maserati and more. Continental tyres aren’t just known for their designs, they’re also available for a wide range of cars and nearly 1/3rd of all cars manufactured in Europe depart the factory with Continental tyres.

Popular Continental Tyres

PremiumContact 6 

The PremiumContact 6 by Continental is a tyre that outperforms its predecessor in terms of safety, comfort and handling, as well as in the environmentally relevant parameters of mileage and rolling resistance.
Providing a truly premium experience the continental engineers have used new combinations of compounds to pave the way for yet another award-winning tyre.


ContiEcoContact 5

ContiEcoContact tyres deliver excellent performance without sacrificing performance in the wet to give you a tyre that’s both affordable at all times. The ContiEcoContact offers optimised rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption; less lost energy with good handling characteristics and high braking safety and short braking distances on wet roads.


SportContact 6

The Continental SportContact™ 6 delivers a supreme driving experience with maximum stability at high speeds up to 215 mph. Better acceleration and shorter braking distances at various temperatures on both wet and dry roads means the SportContact™ 6 is an impressive high performance tyre.


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