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What is 3D Wheel Alignment?

The alignment of your car’s wheels can become unbalanced from day to day driving. 3D Wheel Alignment is a precision way to recalibrate them. Measuring data from multiple angles, it checks them against the information supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. The car’s steering and suspension can then be adjusted to make sure that all four wheels line up as the manufacturer intended.

Our 3D Wheel Alignment services are the best way to align your car’s wheels.

Why should I have 3D Wheel Alignment?

Reduced tyre wear – Saves you money on unnecessary tyre replacement

Better fuel consumption – Less rolling resistance from the tyres means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to move and uses less fuel

Improved handling and driver comfort – A reduction in rolling resistance from the tyres creates a smoother driving experience  

Improved safety – Lowering rolling resistance in the tyres reduces overheating improving braking and cornering efficiency

Fewer carbon dioxide emissions – From reduced fuel consumption

Less stress on mechanical components – Less rolling resistance puts less stress on steering and suspension components, extending their life

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